After Care

For best results

Our Tints of Nature aftercare range has been specially formulated to work together in a unique treatments system with our Tints of Nature colour range.

Our shampoos, conditioners and treatments are gentle on coloured hair and keep colour longer-lasting. Most other shampoos and conditioners contain harsh ingredients (e.g. SLS and salt) that actually strip colour out of hair.

Nourish, protect and strengthen

All our aftercare products are packed with organic ingredients and natural moisturizers and proteins that nourish, protect and strengthen coloured hair.

Restore damaged hair

Our uniquely nourishing and strengthening formulations work together as a range to repair damaged hair in a short time.

At a glance our after care products:

Formulated to maintain protein and moisture levels in hair.
Keeps the hair in healthy condition and gives a natural feel, shine and strength

State-of-the-art natural technology using pure, raw materials
Effective on natural, coloured or lightened hair

Certified organic ingredients
More active ingredients and a purer product

pH balanced to skin and hair
Returns the hair back to its natural pH level after coloring

No Sodium Chloride (salt) or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Colour fade is reduced as both these ingredients strip color from hair


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