Hair Colour Skin Sensitivity Test

Even though it’s formulated to be very, very gentle on hair and skin you should always take a sensitivity test 48 hours before you use Tints of Nature.

You might say, “I’ve used hair colour for years without any problems. Why do I need to carry out a sensitivity test before using Tints of Nature?”

Good question. The thing is you might become sensitive over time to ingredients used in hair colour. So even if you were fine before, you might have developed a sensitivity since then.

By the way, if your scalp has damaged or broken skin please wait until it’s healed before you carry out the test or colour your hair. 

How to do a sensitivity test

You do not need to mix the Colour Gel and Colourfix before testing.

Wash and dry a small area of skin. The inside of your elbow is a good place to choose. Or if you’ve got a friend to hand, you could ask them to help you test skin between your shoulder blade.

1. Rub on a small amount of Colour Gel... your freshly washed and dried skin. If you’re using several colours together use the darkest color (or lowest number).

2. Allow to dry

3. Once the Colour Gel has dried... can pop a plaster over it or leave it uncovered. If you see any sign of a reaction - redness, soreness, irritation or burning - during this time rinse the test area of your skin straight away.

4. Wash off and monitor for 48 hours

5. After 2 hours...

...wash off the remainder of the Colour Gel and keep an eye on the test area for the following 48 hours for any signs of reaction.

If you do have any reaction don't use the product on your hair, and if your skin continues to be sore and irritated please see your doctor or pharmacist for medical advice.


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