'Love your hair colouring products!'

Christine Dappa, UK

'I had wanted to dye my hair again for quite some time but didn't want to use any that weren't CCF approved. Then I found Tints of Nature at the health food shop across from my work and thought I'd give that a try. Best. Decision. Ever. I coloured my hair last night and couldn't get over how beautiful my hair felt AND smelt even during the colouring process! This was the first dye I've ever used where I was able to easily comb it through and not have any knots! Even the clarifying shampoo that came with it was amazing!! Thank you Tints of Nature for making the best hair colour ever! Well worth every cent!'

Helen Salem, UK

'I have been using your hair colour for almost 2yrs. I am a natural brunette and now a blonde with absolute healthy hair, no damage...There is no way my hair can look as good as it does with bleached out hair. This has all been done through your lightest hair colour. I love your products and the fact that the harsh chemicals are removed. I feel confident and trust in the product. I tell all my friends and my hairdresser recommends the line to other clients who are sensitive. Thank you for a fabulous product and the shampoo and conditioners are amazing'

Cinny French, UK

I just wanted to tell you that I tried your hair color for the first time today and I really like it. The shampoo and conditioner that were in the box smelled wonderful also. Thanks for making a product with organic and natural ingredients!

Dr Teresa Dismuke, MS., Psy. D.

I just wanted to drop a line to say how much I love your product. My hair has never looked so natural or healthy since I started to colour it. Thank you!’

Donna Tamosaitis, UK

Wow! I just purchased your product from my local retailer and I’m VERY impressed! Nice color, great smell and the gloves are large enough for my hands (a big irritant of mine from US brand products). I will be purchasing this product again!'

Paige Norman, USA

I am a very satisfied customer after using your 'tints of nature' 5N colour on my grey roots recently. I have very grey hair and have always had to go to the salon every 3 weeks for years, to touch up the roots. A friend of mine in New Zealand found your product in a health food shop and is also a very satisfied customer. I was hoping that you could give me an email address for a local contact here in NSW Australia, as I'd like to buy your shampoos and conditioners as well.’ 

Jacqui Tom, Australia

I love your product! I was about ready to just give up and go grey because of the harsh chemicals in ordinary products, when I discovered your product. It took some time to achieve the right color, but by mixing ½ Natural Light Blonde and ½ Natural Dark Blonde plus a bit more Natural Light Blonde, I’ve achieved a color that results in compliments even from my hairdressers. They like the highlights it gives me. Congratulations on producing quality products!

Lynne Markham, Canada

Previously had an irritated scalp from other products. Extemely happy with Tints of Nature.’ 

Mrs Patricia Broughton-McCabe, UK

I'm enjoying the personal control and cost saving of DIY hair colouring. This is the first hair dye which does not make my scalp burn. Thank you

D. Gaisford, UK

Over the years I have found these products wonderful on my hair.

Irene Ayling, UK

Have been using your product myself for three years now and I am delighted with the results.’ 

P Hanchard-Goodwin, UK

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your semi-permanent hair color. It is a wonderful product! Very easy to apply, lasts through several hair-washings, leaves hair soft and colored beautifully (and so even!). I am impressed.'

Geraldine, USA